Friday, January 24, 2014


Why Hillary must gain all of our support: I am a pragmatist. I have come to the age where the idealism of youth is seen for what it is .... idealism. Nothing and no one is planet perfection. Perfection can and never will never be achieved, therefore, we must politically support the best of what is possible in an imperfect world.

Even in countries, as Geroge Orwell the dystopian realist saw, where revolutions have occurred soon human frailty becomes reality and the people often can observe what they had before, as bad as it may have been, was better than what they have in the present. The French Revolution of 1789 and the Russian Revolution of 1917 are prime examples. Moreover, in our modern era revolutions in the Middle East are stuck in religious extremism, fanaticism, civil war and/or military dictatorship.

This is why Hillary is the realistic choice for what we, as humanitarians, can achieve now. She is politically possible and is infinitely better than anything the Republican Party in our time would hand us. The composition of the Republican Party is a right wing often tyrannical party made up of many who are simply ignorant of what that party will do, the 1% richest who dupe the extremist base, religious anti-science anti-intellectual bigots and/or violent purveyors of hate, and gun loving racists -- the worst of what composes the right.

If someone waxes negative against Hillary and tells you she is bad for this or that reason reject what they say. She is good for so many reasons. She is politically savvy, humanitarian in her heart, experienced beyond words and laser smart.

We must never let the Republican Party gain power. The Republican Party is now the party of the extreme unquestioning uber religious, a party of the richest 1%, a party of little critical intellect, anti science, anti women despite their ridiculous spin, a party of war, of bullies, a party of the NRA, a party viciously against LGBT persons and a party of much more that is crushing to the human spirit and crushing to the largess of what makes humans smartly evolve and improve.

The Democratic Party is the ONLY all inclusive Party of intellect, critical thinking and a humanitarian base. Hillary, if she runs and at this moment, can win. Let's help her!

We must overturn the Republican Party both nationally and state by state if we want the middle class, the working class, the poor and the nation itself to survive.

Onward -- Hope for Hillary in 2016

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