Saturday, January 04, 2014

Under the Bridge

Chris Christie, Republican want-to-be for the 2016 White House will NEVER get there.  A bridge he cannot cross – specifically the George Washington Bridge – has gotten in his way.  Slowly but surely he will be thrown under it as the truth about either his political operatives or him closing two out of three lanes of that bridge as political payback will come out.  Closing two out of three lanes of the George Washington Bridge linking NYC to Fort Lee, NJ tying up traffic for two weeks as political payback to a Democratic mayor of Fort Lee for not endorsing Christie for Governor is a dastardly act and it could have cost lives.  I direct your attention to the story about it entitled: "Chris Christie - The Bridge Story Gets Legs" here or at the link below.

There are NO surprises for me where Republicans are concerned. They are NOT concerned about the little guy but they talk a hell of a good game convincing those who know little about the man behind the Republican curtain that they do. All over the country the powerful among Republicans think they can fool the masses by anti-government speak, indicting the poor and with a mix of faux patriotism.  Then they bully those who get in their way as icing on the Republican cake of mass poison.  Those who know government can work for the people if ethical people who truly care are elected are simply dirty tricked by Republicans into submission through gerrymandering or suppressing the Democratic vote.

The fact that Chris Christie did not give a rat's petuti about those whom this political retribution traffic tie up could have hurt or even killed is business as usual in Republican land. Anti-human is now woven deeply into the bone marrow of the Republican Party’s essence.  It is no big surprise that Chris Christie and/or his minions may have done this heinous multiple lane closing on this heavily trafficked bridge as political payback for that Fort Lee mayor who would not endorse Christie.

Christie is about the 1% and the fact that usually savvy New Jerseyians never figured that out is surprising and ultimately sad because NJ is not in great economic shape.  Christie in true Republican austerity form cut education and other social programs drastically while giving tax breaks to the very rich who do not need it and do not create jobs from it.  Chris Christie will NEVER be elected president because his past blunders and political bullying of the weak will be stripped down to the bone for the entire nation to see.  He cannot simply bully the sludge he created out of the way at least not to trod a path to the White House!

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