Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jailhouse Rock

I have been saying for days exactly what Joan Walsh wrote in her January 9, 2014 article for Salon entitled “Forget 2016, Chris Christie may not even be governor much longer.”  I link her article here and below.

Chris Christie not only is never going to get within a foot of the White House steps but he will be darn lucky if he continues to make the daily walk to his office in Trenton. This scandal is, in my opinion, nearly worse than Richard Nixon's illegal plumbers unit break in at the DNC in 1972 as bad as that surely was.  Christie’s staff’s scandalous behavior involved thousands upon thousands of innocent people stuck in traffic jams on the busiest bridge in the nation.  It made conducting their daily lives Torquemada torture.  Christie’s and/or his henchmen’s manufactured traffic jam on the GW Bridge held up the search for a 4 year old missing child and interfered with countless other emergency situations. We now know a 91 year old woman died as emergency vehicles were delayed coming to her assistance.  Some were merely trying to get to work and one reported he was late for his first day of work after being unemployed for a year!

Compounding these consequential consequences is the fact that the George Washington Bridge is on the nation's terrorist watch list as a prime target for Al Qaeda or groups like them to attack our national treasure potentially killing hundreds if not thousands.  In my opinion, the fact that the GW Bridge is of national security importance should ABSOLUTELY mean it is of national relevance for the US attorney to look into the criminal implications of the governor, all of his staff and any others who may a part of this monstrous act.  One might also think this dastardly occurrence involves interstate commerce between at least New York and New Jersey which should be a clear constitutionally mandated federal oversight obligation.  Filing federal charges and indictments over this, one would think, should be easy.

During 9/11 hundreds upon hundreds walked that bridge to remove themselves from the harm’s way horror of the Trade Tower attacks which ultimately cost 3000 lives.  What if a horrific act like that happened again and the GW Bridge was filled with Christie and/or his henchmen’s manufactured traffic gridlock? One does NOT want to ponder that thought but it should have been thought of by those who unconscionably and incredulously perpetrated one of the most egregious acts of political revenge in our nation’s history.

It matters not if this fiasco was perpetrated by a Democrat or, in this case, a Republican potential presidential star.  I predict, again, it will and has now already cost Chris Christie his run for the presidency.  I predict, too, it will also cost him the NJ governor's office he so decidedly won against the infinitely better, smarter, classier and more mature gubernatorial candidate, Barbara Buono.  

Christie, if involved, and his staff, who we already know were involved, will be oh so lucky if they avoid the jailhouse steps.


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