Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Desperately Seeking Christie

Great post by a blogger (Anthony C.) at Huffinton Post
Now I’m really confused, I don’t know whether to believe Christie when he admitted he was massively incompetent, totally clueless as to what was happening next to the tip of his nose, lacking the ability to hear what was said in his presence by people talking to him and around him, so detached that you could land air force 1 on the George Washington Bridge right in front of his eyes, even while he was holding a pair of binoculars non compus. Also Known As the guy he said he was in his last press conference.
Or is he the go getter micromanaging governor whose staff was so controlled that they needed permission to go to the toilet signed by him in triplicate and authorized by his chief of staff, right down to the amount of toilet tissue they were allowed to use which is the consensus opinion of Christie.
Something just ain’t right with young master Christie seeing his defense over the bridge lane closures and vendetta politics aimed at politicians that refused to pucker up and kiss his voluminous ring was only possible because he was too clueless to know what was being done in his name, by his closest advisors and aides working right out of his own office. Did they use the look squirrel distraction so he wouldn’t notice?
We’re not talking office temps here as the trail leads up to the outskirts of the suburb in Trenton called Christie population 1 area size small city block.
Half his staff could have perched their desks on him and there would have still been room for a lunch room.
So what are we being told to believe now and more importantly for how long are we to believe it until team Christie finds a more plausible excuse than he’s not too bright and can’t manage a small personal staff?
I smell self basting Christie during the multiple inquiries.

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