Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Spirit of Christmas

It is more important than ever to keep Congress and the Presidency in Democratic hands. The presidential opposition's obstructionist vilification will kill human dignity and human rights. Therefore, they will kill most of us.

It is to this end, the dedication of the rest of my life will be, to work for humanitarian causes within the only structural non-violent vehicle that is available to us today. For now, it is solely within the Democratic Party.

Yes, Christmas is for turning the other cheek BUT be mindful of those on the opposite side of the isle who every time we turn our cheek are sure to slap the other also. NO COMPROMISE, NO FALTERING, NO FAILING and NO CAPITULATION to bigotry of any sort.

And oh, yes, it is the responsibility of the collective many, i.e., our government, to help the poor especially when it was at the hands of the very very rich who ensured their poverty while those billionaires walked away with bonuses for doing it. No goods were created by the fraud of the 2% but it made them humongously rich while ensuring economic quicksand for everyone else.

The shoe must now be on the other foot. Make the top 2% pay by electing Democrats who would close the mile high tax loopholes the top 2% enjoy. Regulate Wall Street to the heights of Everest and jail those who abuse the laws concerning it. We must be an advocate for our neediest. That is, indeed, the spirit of Christmas!!

Happy holidays to all!

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