Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Where is Occupy Wall Street When We Need It

Occupy Wall Street where are you? Where are you when it counts like now? Where are you protesting the ugliness of right wingnut fanatics who want to take our government down because they cannot stand people getting health care? Or, perhaps, they cannot stand a black man in a WHITE House giving us health care.

Occupy, we may be as angry as the Baggers concerning Wall Street bail outs and Main Street left outs BUT we are NOT the Tea Baggers, we are NOT racist, we are NOT destructive and we DO want government to work for those who need it. 

Where is Occupy when we need them most? Why are they not organizing, marching and vociferously CRUSHING Republican immoral ideological know nothings who want to hurt the country and hurt those programs the government Constitutionally created like the Affordable Health Care Act whereby those of little or no means can be relieved of their pain and suffering?

Rightwingnut fanatics do NOT create jobs, they do NOT provide health care, they do NOT create roads, they do NOT control guns, they do not create a path to citizenship for those who need it, they do NOT create voting rights but the president COULD and with his signature legislation the Affordable Health Care Act he did. That is funded Constitutionally approved law!

Occupy, Democrats need to gain control of that House again and now we must PUSH Congress hard to pass the budget and raise the debt ceiling. Shutting the government down and defaulting on our debt is NOT acceptable! Default especially will hurt the nation Republicans SAY they love so much. Not to raise the debt ceiling is tantamount to treason as it is written in the Fourteenth Amendment Section 4 our Founders so presciently put there that the government MUST pay its bills.

Republicans do NOT love our government they hate it which is why they are trying to sink it. Democrats are not perfect but they are a DAMN sight better than the intractable, obstructionist, hateful, and poisonous Repuglicans.

Get out there Occupy and FIGHT against right wingnut fascist-LIKE extremism of a segment of the Republican Party that is violent, racist, uncaring and downright cruel blocking the function of our nation.

Where are you, Occupy, when your country needs you the most?

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