Friday, October 18, 2013

Ruinous Demands by Republicons for lifting debt ceiling

I urge you to watch a segment of The Rachel Maddow Show that I post here and below. The insanity, the utter gall and stupidity of Republicon demands as they held the nation hostage to open the government and raise the debt ceiling is chilling.  

It will show you just what it means to be a Republican.  The lack of character, the lack of humanity, the lack of empathy, the sheer naked huzpah (nerve) of what they call Republicon policy and the lack of intelligence IS astounding. For this nation to be relegated to one faction of one major party in our meager two party system controlling the life and death of all of us is untenable.

One party is the party of stupid, yes, and the party of ideologically ruinous policy to the ENTIRE American system and global stability. 

It is a MUST to run these know nothing science denying cruel Republican beasts out of office.  2014 MUST be a takeover of the House by Democrats while keeping the Senate not because the Democratic Party is perfect but because it is the only vehicle we have that runs on rationale thought.  The survival of our country, the world's economy, the very existence of our planet and man on it is at risk if we do not.

For your ease I list the unconscionable demands of a Republicon Party obsessed with the neutering of "Obamacare" denying health care to millions of people who need it as extortion to open the government and raise the debt ceiling so that the world will not be convulsed.

1.  Defund Obamacare
2. Delay the individual mandate of Obamacare
3. Deny coverage to the president and vice president
4. Deny congressional staffers health care
5. Deny members of the President's cabinet health care
6. Deny birth control coverage
7. Approve the Keystone Pipeline -- Devastating to the environment
8. Means testing of Medicare
9. Changing pensions i.e. reducing or eliminating pensions of federal workers
10. Expand oil drilling -- ruinous to the environment
11. Net neutrality -- i.e. paying for levels of speed of internet service. 
12. Tort reform
13. EPA pollution rules changed i.e. relaxed for coal fired plants
14. Ryan's tax code changes favoring the rich (naturally)
15. Medical device tax eliminated for Obamacare

and more

What did they get?  NOTHING!

THIS is what the Republicon Party is about.  I would be ashamed to call myself Republican!

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