Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Default -- Whose Fault?

Boehner said "We are NOT going to default."  I think his plan is to take it to the brink to show his caucus that he is a "REAL tea bag Republican and not be primaried. His entire plan I think is NOT about the nation but about HIMSELF.  He wants to preserve the perks of his speakership and his House seat. That is what he cares about and that is ALL he cares about.  His history has shown Boehner is about Boehnor and little else.  A three pack a day smoker and allegedly a heavy drinker who used to show up little in the House, Boehner now has it in his hands to do the right thing. Why the world has to go down or up with the decision of this malcontent alone is beyond my comprehension and how the American system allows that to be so is insane!

Having said that the Republican Party has created their own Frankenstein in the tea baggies birthed from the bank bailouts, the Wall Street bonuses and men who should have gone to jail for what they did but did not.  When the health care bill was ushered into law and the President did NOT explain it well in that fateful summer of 2010 the November election crucified him.  Add to it HUGE racism on the right and really in the Republican Party generally and you have a party of stupid as Republican Governor of Louisiana Jindal said .  They are the Dixicrates of old.  Johnson predicted his Civil Rights Act would lose the south for Democrats and that is exactly what it did as Nixon and the Republican Party formed his coalition of the so called law and order "moral majority."  

Fast forward to today and they have built quite a party of old white men, racists, other right wingnut fringe groups and crazy religious fanatics.  The Tea Party is loaded with know nothings.  So their Frankenstein creation of tea baggies is biting the Republican moderates in the posterior and is aiming for the head. The Party itself is paralyzed and fractured seemingly beyond repair.  There is a schism right down the middle of populist (and racist) anti banking interests vs. corporate Republicans that always favored economic interests and split is profound.  I am hoping the Frankenstein will be crushed and Wall Street prevails to end this self inflicted nearly fatal wound.  I favor Wall Street?  Yes, Wall Street with strict ethics and regulation would keep a modern nation economically healthy.  The key is ethics and regulation.  

Whose fault is default?  History will show, IF it happens, that it will be laid squarely at Republicans' feet.  I await 2014, at least as of this moment, with glee IF the American public remembers the egregious things the Republican Party has done.

Yes, I will say it:  Pray for our country!

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