Monday, September 30, 2013

United We Stand--Democracy's Last Great Hope

What is happening today with the government shutdown ready to occur tomorrow and the very threatening debt ceiling debacle looming shows that Republicans are, as I see it, the biggest threat to our nation and to all of us. In the end I think ONLY about defeating them not only here but most especially all around the country when the 2014 midterms occur. I ask you devote your efforts to that too.

Mass. is blue Democrat. I do not worry as much here but I worry in places like Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan and many other states where Republicans are killing their own states and thereby a nation. It is HUGELY important to our country that we remain united and defeat this now extremist Republican menace. They are the real threat. To that end I have dedicated my efforts.

This scourge of racism, hate and stupidity of Tea Baggers and even most of the Republicans MUST be stopped. I fervently ask you, not only here but across the country through the technologies and by any other means legally non violently and necessary we have to defeat them and send a message of your fervent opposition to what they are doing and the insanity they are creating.
We need to take a page from our adversaries book and work tirelessly for Democrats here and around the nation. Truly, the life of this nation has not been so threatened since the Civil War. The people I know in the end will stand united against this Republican malodorous threat everywhere.

It is important to elect Democrats here and throughout the nation especially in 2014. Simply turn on your TV and see what they are doing to our president and in reality to ALL of us! If Congress does not agree on a budget AND ESPECIALLY if Congress does not raise the debt ceiling we are ALL of us a doomed democracy's last great experiment.

I trust in the long run the nation will survive but it will not IF we do not help it! Give what you can and work as you are able for Democrats everywhere, stand united for democracy's last great hope and run this Republican nightmare into history's ash bin abyss where, HOPEFULLY, they are heading.

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