Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Navy Yard, the Money and the Madness--a Country that Has Lost its Way

Kudos to those of humanitarian spirit who try to enact crucial legislation against horrific guns and those who own them wielding so much death and destruction on the innocent. This group who thinks the Second Amendment is Biblically untouchable is in error.  Our Founders did NOT mean it to be so.  It is more important for the murderous NRA hierarchy to urge everyone to own a gun than it is to care about all the senseless killing that occurs because of them when people who should NOT have a gun easily get one.  

Wayne LaPierre and his NRA lobby be accursed.  Our chant should be "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is for all people (except the police and the military) to have no assault weapons and magazine clips with bullets galore!"  Simple background checks everywhere should be federal mandatnot to be nullified by any state.

After yesterday's shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington I am at a loss for words which is a rare occurrence for me.  Sure, arm everyone what could possibly go wrong?  I am slowly losing my political passion for it all.  I need the incredible enthusiasm of my youth and the hope I once had for this nation to do better. The money and the madness that comes with it is the mirrored reflection of our nation.  It is too big and too powerful unless people of good will can roundly defeat its influence.  Add to the mix the malevolent cancer of racism in the marrow of country’s bones since its beginning along with years of death-wielding killer foreign policies with a volunteer military and it equals one gargantuan toxically violent nation armed to the teeth.

May God help us as it will take something much bigger than defeating the NRA and the rightwing extremist Tea Bag Republicans to redirect a country that has lost its way!

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