Monday, September 23, 2013

I'll Say it Again

Yes, I know most have heard my lament before. The situation in this nation is so bad with 30 million people needing life saving healthcare Republicans so cavalierly wanting to deny them so that people in essence die, it is so economically dire with 2% lopsidedly owning nearly all the wealth, the president insulted and obstructed by his near treasonous confederate white tea baggie critics so many times, the unconscionable Ted Cruzes of the country stealing the narrative so many times like the alcohol drenched evil Joe McCarthy before him, the gun insanity violence with it's all-about-the-money National Rancid Association (NRA) so completely insane, the situations emanating from horrific gun violence killing children pierces my heart so deeply that I simply for my good health must, for a while at least, retreat to old reruns of I Love Lucy, Columbo, Gilligan's Island, Dobbie Gillis and Howdie Doody because if I do not I personally will end up in The Twilight Zone. As a matter of fact maybe what I see destroying the nation is really a parallel universe of the twilight zone!

Progressives, GET A LIFE AND ACT!

Who knows how long I can go on retreat and I know I've said it before but I'm taking a break. 

Yes, Peter Finch said it all in the character of Howard Beal, news anchor in the "Network" I paraphrase:

I'm as mad as hell and CANNOT take it anymore!

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