Monday, August 12, 2013

Why I Love MSNBC

My email friend responded to one of my mails concerning my own decided political slant and use of progressive talking points to compose my opinions.  I admit  I am 100% biased when it comes to intellectual stars and academic pros.  One of my professors used to say, during the Vietnam years, that studies seem to place higher educational academics and experts left of center in the political spectrum of ideas.  I concurred with her and so does my friend K.F. Stone who writes the K.F. Stone Weekly.

He wrote the following which says it all:

I must admit that I too thoroughly enjoy (Dr.) Rachel Maddow (B.A. Stanford, M.A., DPhil. Oxford, Rhodes Scholar), Lawrence O'Donnell (B.A. Harvard), Ezra Klein (B.A., UCLA) and Sam Stein (B.A. Dartmouth, M.A. Columbia).  But how can you compare them to Glenn Beck (Sehome High School), Rush Limbaugh (Central High School) and Sean Hannity (Adelphia drop-out)?

Oh what an intellectual snob I am . . .

Be good to yourself!

 KFS (B.A. in History, Philosophy and Political Science, Univ. of California; Fellow, Eagleton Institute of Politics; M.A.H.L., Rabbinic Ordination and Doctor of Divinity, Hebrew Union College).

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