Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Think Again--the Wind and the Whirlwind

What is to possibly ensue in Syria gave me a migraine today.  In my opinion WWII was the last moral war.  The rest conducted by the US have been policy blunders of the worst order made mostly by those who send other people's kids to war but avoid service risking their own lives as they risk the lives of countless others. As Howard Zinn said: THINK think as to who profits by a war and why it is being conducted. Zinn was the most impactful historian on me because he spoke the profundity of truth to power.

We have killed hundreds of thousands in the Middle East between Iraq, Afghanistan and periodic strikes on numbers of other countries over decades. Truly does anyone anymore think that they hate us for our freedom? They hate us for our very bad policy decisions. I do not know what happened to this nation post WWII but those who took the reins of power especially the neo cons did great evil to this nation. They managed and continue to make some people and corporations very very rich but NOT those within the American middle class.  It gets the middle and lower classes killed, maimed, bankrupt and psychologically traumatized.

The 1% get rich, keep the populous dumbed down by control of the media and feed us nationalistic propaganda as a rationale for service in war. This newest war adventure will cost us dearly. It is hugely risky.  What happened to the deficit and the debt Tea Bag Republicans and others say they care about so much?  Who will pay for this and what will it cost?
My mantra: Question everything. 

The risks of a strike on Syria are enormous and this time we must be correct.  I suspect another war will be impossible to win.  It will be long lasting, cost more billions and spread war even more with no end in sight but the president is the one with experts at his side.  I say to him think twice and then think again before you unleash the wind and reap the whirlwind!

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