Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A Blight on Our Nation -- George W. Bush Hospitalized

The AP is reporting that George Bush has been hospitalized to open a blocked heart artery. The story is here and below.

The UNNECESSARY suffering the incompetent George W. Bush, a man who should NEVER have been president, placed on our nation and the world cannot be measured. The cost of his wars was and is staggering. From failing to act on the PDB that predicted Bin Laden's 9/11 attack to the illegal Iraq War he waged based on lies destabilizing a tinderbox Middle East region is his legacy. The killing of hundreds of thousands INCLUDING our men and women -- more than who died on 9/11 -- while relegating a million Iraqis to refugee status is the sulphurous evil he has left. The costs of his actions or in-actions are incalculable. We will, as a nation, be paying for his utter incompetence for generations.

An anarchistic Wall Street gone wild leading to a near collapse of the entire global economy and a foreign policy that wielded only death and destruction are his bestowals. It should be a LESSON to all of us to never elect a non compos mentis academically inept man to the most powerful office in the world.

May he survive his health issue but we should NEVER forget the hundreds of thousands who now suffer their own health issues from the untold cost in blood and treasure of an illegal and unnecessary war he alone perpetrated.
Now he must think on his own mortality as a man who never thought on the mortality of others and a man who never experienced the human misery, damaged bodies and broken minds of those who experienced the effects of the wars he ordered waged. 

The history of the presidency of George W. Bush will be written by academically credentialed historians as a failure. He is and will forever remain a blight on our nation!


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