Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Either or

Either we unseat these vicious, death wielding stupidity of the tea baggers ACROSS THE NATION or we will die AS a nation. It cannot go on this way. Science denying IDIOTS, racists and NRA wackos CANNOT and MUST not prevail.

I do not care how you do it but they MUST MUST MUST be defeated in 2014.  They are a blight and a pox on our nation.  Think of how many good things would be if they NEVER gained a foothold in 2010.  They make us the laughing stock of the world in a world that does NOT have much to laugh about.

From the NECESSARY funding of the government to making the presidents health care law work to even better economic recovery this can ONLY be done with a majority in the House and Senate while we still have the president in office.  Baggers MUST MUST MUST be crushed in 2014 along with voter suppression.  This is a national nightmare and reducing the vote instead of increasing it is simply wrong.  DO WHAT YOU CAN AND START NOW!!!

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