Sunday, July 28, 2013

From Angry Red to Pacific Blue – My Letter to the NAACP

Sirs/Madams:   The Supreme Court case neutering Section 5 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act means we must fight against those who would try to CLEARLY suppress the minority vote.   Republicans know if those who can legally vote are allowed to vote Republicans will lose overwhelmingly in both state and federal elections. They are a dying party made up primarily of older angry racist whites. We of all races, age and ethnic groups must effectively finish the job of extinguishing the Republican Party by ALL legal means necessary.

These know-nothing racist ghosts emanating from previous American eras are very much alive in this era trying their best to regress this nation to its vicious racist and misogynist past.  We MUST fight this by every legal means necessary.  I believe Attorney General Eric Holder will help us do that; at least I hope he will.

Moreover, we must, on every state and federal level do what needs to be done to ensure every minority who CAN vote is registered TO vote and the efforts to do this must begin now.  Someone I know suggested hiring buses in states like Texas, where the drive for a photo ID would be long and difficult, to transport hundreds if not thousands to obtain the required voter ID and thereby sign up Democratic voters.

We must fight these illegal attempts by Republicans to take away the vote from minorities to ensure Democratic losses and Republican wins. Voting rights were fought for with the blood of black and white patriots over centuries.  It MUST NOT HAPPEN that a Republican Party to avoid its extinction is now allowed to do things even third world nations do not do.  Our nation, an exporter of "democracy," looks like a nation of hypocrites when the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, decided in the Shelby case to emasculate and excise Section 5, the enforcer of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.  The five so called "conservative" justices KNEW racism and prejudice in this nation had not gone away but they decided to cut the legs off the Voting Rights Act by neutering Section 5 of that law. 

The murder of Trayvon Martin, if nothing else, proved that racism and prejudice are quite firmly entrenched in the foundational cement of this nation.  They have never gone away and the fight for minority rights is NOT over because we elected a person of color to the presidency.

We must fight these dastardly attempts at voter suppression in the courts, we must fight them at the ballot box, and we must fight them by peaceful protest.  We must fight them any way we can.  In addition, we must beat these haters at their own game and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SIGN PEOPLE UP TO VOTE.  I do not care how we do it, whether on foot, by bus or by helicopter it must be done. 

2014 SHOULD be the year the Democrats TAKE BACK THE HOUSE.  It is imperative for our president to do what he has wanted to do all along and that is to concentrate on creating jobs, building infrastructure and developing clean energy the country so desperately needs.  Republicans and Tea Baggers mostly white racist know-nothings OBSTRUCT him because they want this first president of color to fail even if it means the failure of the nation as well.  We must NOT LET THE REPUBLICAN PARTY do their dastardly deeds.  We of humanitarian and progressive thought must in 2014 take back the House, take back state legislatures and the governors’ mansions too.  We must through the only political vehicle we have, the Democratic Party, turn ALL of them from angry red to pacific blue!

N. Rosen
Framingham, MA

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