Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Victory, yes, BUT MY Mistake in my email

I was not thinking correctly so late in the evening and a fellow Markey supporter informed me of my mistake so I will pass on my corrected response. Send it to anyone you choose.  

ON TO 2014 TO TAKE BACK THE HOUSE (and increase Dem's majority in the Senate.)  The Voting Rights Act debacle of the Supreme Court yesterday has utterly infuriated me so that my brain filled with anger is not synaptically firing correctly.  Of course he was right the 2014takeover of the House is what is needed so that the president can FINALLY get a Congress with whom he can work.  So many elections and so little time.  

I also had forgotten that soon-to-be Senator Markey has to run again in two years and Senator elect Markey's Fifth Congressional House seat must be filled with a Democrat.  His victory last night was for the special election to fill John Kerry's senate seat leaving the Massachusetts's 5th congressional House seat open.  A Democrat WILL fill it but we must make it happen.  Also, changing each state's Republican and gubernatorial control so that the gerrymandering fix of districts in favor of Republicans stops.

We must NOT NOT NOT NOT become election weary.  These are our lives about which we are talking, it is about Republicons returning us to the 1880's and it is about relegating persons of color to the back of the bus yet again.  Once we gain majorities in the House keeping or increasing Democratic control of the Senate than a fix of this DASTARDLY Shelby SCOTUS decision could attempt to be rectified helped too by ONE more progressive member of the Supreme Court to ultimately do it.

Until then our legal community and ALL progressive groups must be dedicated to trying BY ANY LEGAL MEANS necessary to subvert yet another SCOTUS rancid decision.  This decision goes into a place of hell reserved for Dred Scott and Citizen's United, two of  the absolute WORST decisions rendered by "conservatives" in the most activist right wing radical high Court EVER!  

This is the Republicon's attempt to yet again steal elections by putting up road blocks to keep minorities and people of color from voting and gaining power.  We must NOT let this happen.  We must fight this state by state, policy by policy with as much Dept. of Justice help now as we can get to crush this perversion of our democracy.  Democrats and everyone who is for fairness must act.  We must mobilize as we did in the 1960's.  We need people power from all sectors of our electorate to subvert this Supreme Court monstrosity and all the malodorous decisions that have been enacted by this Court crippling those of us who are not among the privileged 1%!

Thank you to my political ally for the necessary and important clarification!

Onward to 2014 and let's win then!

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