Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sites of Inspiration

For all of you on my personal list who are in Mass and inclined to vote for the Democrat Ed Markey for US Senate on June 25th or if you are undecided you may be interested in the following email I received from Norma Shulman (a worker extraordinaire) of Markey headquarters with videos of President Clinton's appearance for Markey with Elizabeth Warren and others accompanying them in Worcester last week.

Also enclosed is a video by the comic Jimmy Tingle -- I entitle it Canvassing can be Fun!

Please if you are not interested in any of the itemized things below and if you do nothing else but VOTE casting one for Ed Markey on June 25 we are grateful for your efforts which will, I think you will agree, be worth it.

A Republican, should for most of you, be out of the question. Remember Republicans are NOT about most of you. Do not be duped. Republicans are about the top 1% of wealth.

Vote for the advocate for the 99%, ED MARKEY, ON JUNE 25, 2013 to sit in the US Senate seat next to the historic and great Elizabeth Warren!



-----Original Message-----

From: Norma Shulman

Sent: Tue, Jun 18, 2013 9:17 am

Subject: Final debate tonight and videos to inspire you!

Election Day is Tuesday, June 25th - just SEVEN days away!

Please remember to vote and remind your family and friends.

If you've thought about getting involved but you're not sure you're ready to come canvassing with us, check out this video from comedian Jimmy Tingle who shows how canvassing can be easy & FUN!


If you could not get to Worcester for the rally with President Clinton, we brought the rally to you. See Mayor Joe Petty, Congressman Jim McGovern, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and President Bill Clinton supporting Ed Markey!


The last debate is tonight at 7 PM on channels 5 and 7.

Remember, next Tuesday, June 25th! Just a few days to make a difference. Even an hour from each person reading this email would make a huge contribution to the results.

Let Wade know by email or phone (see the office contact information below my signature):

What day(s) you are available (June 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and/or Election Day June 25).

Indicate if you are interesting in canvassing, hanging door signs reminding people to vote, poll checking (observing), phoning, or other ways to help. Note that we can train you to make calls from home.

Do you have a cell phone that can access the internet?

Do you have a laptop?



We’re Ready for the Special Senate Election! Are you?

Norma Shulman


Markey Regional Campaign Office

303 Worcester Rd, Framingham



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