Monday, June 10, 2013

Everest High -- what I worry about

I have blogged many times in support of the president and Democrats.  Naturally civil liberties is something that surely is a part of left of center DNA politics.  The fact that the president is getting criticism from the left because of his national security policies makes me nervous.  

The right of course, at least their leadership, is not unmindful of using this to gain political points as if their side was not so EGREGIOUSLY guilty of obliterating civil libertarian rights in modern times, trying to use voter suppression tactics, gerrymandering districts and other voting nefarious activity to limit minority rights.  The GOP has been the WORST of the worst notorious for secrecy and worse for implementing illegal policies.  

Someone like Republican right winger extreme Rand Paul will milk this seemingly bipartisan agreement for all its worth so the unthinking and know nothing voter will in ignorance turn to God forbid Republicans to save them from the national security state.   They will if they gain power do anything but.  Rand Paul and those like him are opportunists and have literally NOTHING in common with our Democratic base and platform.

Rand Paul's party brings with it rancid economic policy eliminating any kind of market regulation or fairness in business practices relegating us to the precivil rights era of the early 1960's.  With them comes the threat of obliterating the health care law, obliterating Soc Sec. and turning it into a voucher program,  gutting Medicare and Medicaid.

Republicans are representative of  DANGEROUS politics.   For those of you on the left or on the center who supported the president but now are a bit quizzical about the president's NSA policy I ask you to give him the benefit of the doubt and come out STRONG very STRONG for the Democratic Party not only on June 25 when Massachusetts WILL elect Ed Markey to the Senate but in 2014 when we MUST MUST MUST take back the House and we MUST work hard to overturn Republican state legislatures and governorships across the nation.  This party has shown its colors.  Republicans are against action to reverse climate change, against a woman's right to choose, against Planned Parenthood and birth control, against gay people having the same rights as everyone else and WILL if they attain power reverse Roe v. Wade relegating women to lethal back ally procedures.  If all of this were not bad enough they are against SENSIBLE gun control and against solid immigration reform without brutal conditions.  They would if they could regress our nation to a 19th century world.

NSA issues are NOT new.  You must only imagine how egregious it would have been had a Romney won and how dastardly it will be if we the Democratic base become lukewarm and inactive.  I can assure you Republicans will not be inactive.  We must still, no matter what, come out to work and vote for Democrats.  The stakes including and beyond national security are Everest high if we do not!!

Why Ed Markey MUST be elected on June 25. 2013 and Democrats everywhere should be supported in 2014.  Our lives, the lives of the next generation and the generation after that depend upon it!

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