Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Altar of the King

The Moore tornado is a horror on par with Hurricane Katrina and Sandy. These are devastating US weather catastrophes. The enormity of them makes one realize the power of nature and the profound effects of global warming, climate change and man's contribution to it by his over-use of filthy and polluting fossil fuels. These are the red state “conservatives” that elect the most intellectually deficient leaders who do not give a damn about most of them.  They do care about their next campaign contributions to line their own pockets with cash and benefits from the oil and gas corporatists whom they serve.
I can think of NO senators who are prime examples of hypocrisy and malevolence than the know nothing hypocrite senators from Oklahoma, Inhofe and Coburn.  What runs through their ugly veins -- ice cubes and cold water?
This section of the country has the most destructive tornadoes. The town of Moore has experienced numbers of them over a decade and there were NO shelters that other communities have to protect them from the massive onslaught. They are available and can be purchased with help from FEMA -- you know FEMA the agency the Tea Baggers want to demolish? Let's see how many of them are calling for FEMA’s elimination now.
Senator Coburn of Oklahoma is a doctor who is supposed to do NO harm but voted AGAINST Hurricane Sandy relief for those people of NJ and NY who suffered so much. Now these senators want and desperately need federal help for Moore and surrounding communities. The sins of two senators will not be held against the people of Moore who have experienced this unthinkable tragedy. Senators including those from New York and New Jersey will not do to the people of Moore as these senatorial beasts did to them when they voted NO on Sandy relief.  Worse still, Coburn the Malevolent, wants to take away monies from OTHER important programs to pay for relief to the people of Moore.  It does NOT get more disgusting than that!
I urge the people of Oklahoma to realize senators like Inhofe and Coburn are NOT about them.  Most Republicans, dupe and use the middle and working classes they represent like pawns on a chess board who will be sacrificed on the altar of the corporate king!
These senators and all like them are despicable and should be thrown out in 2014.

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