Tuesday, May 07, 2013

In Our Name

The mainstream media is simply an echo of US intelligence sources which cannot and should not be trusted to take a nation to war.  Independent news free of corporate influence is a source upon which one can rely.

The policy of immersion in yet another killing machine should NOT be written by those who serve to gain from it by participating in it but should be written by and seen through an independent lens since we want truth and not a fictionalized account like strolling down the memory lane of WMD in Iraq – there were none remember!?

If one really does want to know about Syria, rebels or any other party in the theater of the Syrian civil wars killing thousands, then one should not get one’s news from those who have a vested interest in the telling of it.

I urge you to visit the site below – “Democracy Now”— which is one of the best independent news sources of our time.  It gives one an unvarnished look at reality the truth of which will have consequences for us all.  

The first segment discusses the use (or not) of chemical weapons by Syria and the alleged red line in the sand the president has drawn.  Has Syria used chemical weapons on the rebels, have the rebels or other participants used them and what is the truth?    CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, certainly untrustworthy Fox and yes, even MSNBC are not good enough news sources for these life and death events.  Even my former love PBS now has Koch Brother poison running through its veins.  They are all corporately owned, sponsored and cannot be trusted to spend enough time with the truthful analysis of serious global policy decisions affecting millions.

The game of war is a dangerous one.  It SHOULD be a requirement of citizenship to read or view independent news before such grave decisions cost our nation in lives and treasure. Your life, your children's lives and their children's lives are at stake.  I post "Democracy Now" here or below for your viewing.  

In war, Howard Zinn, in one of his last lectures, said we must when a nation state wants to take its people to war ask two important questions: Who stands to gain from the war and what do they gain.  We ought to get war policy right before we bomb yet another Middle East country, collaterally kill more innocents this time because of Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons no one can wholly confirm or deny.  It's YOUR life, it's YOUR money and it's killing done is OUR name!

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