Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Final Marathon Thought -- So We Can Live

As the morning dawns I add to my sentiments about the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  With the exception of the killing of bin Laden I have never in my life ever seen such amazing expertise of law enforcement officials.  It was jaw dropping.  It is a tribute to those in law enforcement on the state, local and federal government levels.  It is a tribute, too, to our elected officials including Mayor Menino, Governor Patrick and most especially to the president whose focus is laser sharp in defending this nation.  We see that time and time again from bin Laden to Boston, the president's spine of steel shows.
            I, a native of Massachusetts all of my life, was asked many times by those who contacted me from out of the state if I felt safe.  Even IF I were in the target zone area I still would have felt safe.  I know and have faith in this country to protect us all.  Never for one minute did I think law enforcement would fail.  I knew they would not.  
             I often asked my father because he was a Jew was he afraid during WWII living here as the nation entered the war.  He said a resounding no because, he said, he knew this country would not fail us and he felt safe when so many Jews of Europe surely did not.  
             I reiterate his sentiment in our time. 
             I give kudos to all those who put their lives on the line so that we all can live.  

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