Friday, March 15, 2013

Rachel Maddow the Magnificant

I cannot get over Rachel Maddow's show last evening meticulously explaining how the Newtown shooting took place killing so many many children/teachers and why the shooter's high capacity magazine clip made it so much easier for him to perpetrate his madness. 

I had tears streaming down my face and can only hope Rachel does what she does as long as humanly possibleA friend of mine and I were incredulous as to how good she truly is.  

I loved not only her segment on Newtown but Senator Boxer's retort to the buffoon Republican senator Cruz concerning gun control legislation they were debating.  Cruz went to Harvard?  What was the admissions officer there doing downing a fifth of gin when he interviewed that malevolent huckster passing himself off as intelligent?  

I hope tonight, too, she could illuminate the Republican South Carolina senator who is on record and quoted as saying in South Carolina that it "behooves Republicans to vote against anything the African American president is for."

Of course I have known, talked about and written of the blatant racism that is working against absolutely everything this president wants and we KNOW it is behind so much of the rancid Republican opposition.  They need to be exposed and use this quote as MSNBC did for the infamous 47% audio tape said by Romney at a $50,000 a plate dinner recorded by the event's bartender, Scott Prouty.  It quite possibly sank the Romney campaign exposing him as the uncaring empty suit he was.

Ed's Schultz's interview of Scott Prouty was GENIUS.  I urge all who have not heard it to Google it and listen to Ed Schultz and to Rachel Maddow's show last evening as wellI link them both below.

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