Saturday, March 30, 2013


This is IMPORTANT for ALL to see.  THIS IS CLIMATE change at its most frightening.  It is what the inconvenient truth is all about!  When these things happen that gargantuan chucks of polar glaciers break off as the oceans warm since carbon pollution raises the earth's temperature, we run the risk as they happen more and more that our cities like NYC WILL be submerged with massive feet of water.  There will or could be no more at least lower Manhattan ever again. You can imagine what this toll would take on the rest of Manhattan, Boston and ALL cities that border the ocean around the globe.   

Our cities all over the earth grew up BECAUSE they were ports to the ocean.
THIS is how much desperate trouble man is in as our volcanic weather patterns so CLEARLY show.  Man has polluted the earth SO badly that he threatens his very existence on planet earth.

AMAZING video, the most amazing I have ever seen!  Feel free to forward this to anyone you choose.  Climate change is NO joke and it is sin to deny it. It is real and will be coming to a city near you!

Click here or below to see it.

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