Monday, March 18, 2013

A Slice of Pi?

The Life of Pi which we saw over the weekend appeals to those who are plagued by the larger questions of life and its difficulty. It is a HUGELY profound film BUT one has to enjoy that type of intellectual challenge to take the time to analyze, walk through its weeds and see the depths of its thought. 

Reading what others say about it online is helpful to understand the depth and varying opinion about it. Some things about its essence were not clear to me. The more I thought about and discussed it with others who have seen it the more I can appreciate its brilliance. Ang Lee won the Oscar for best director. I surely can see why.

I think to get the film's maximum experience one should see it, if possible, in a theater with 3D disposable glasses the theater hands out or view it in IMAX. Viewing it with 3D glasses makes it a stunning visual experience as one sees, for an example, birds flying in the most vivid color directly in front of you as if one could touch them. 3D makes Pi amazing.

It is about man, animals, the universal creation and every living thing's challenge to survive within it. One sees life's diversity, gorgeous complexity but continuously asks why we as sentient understanding beings are left to forge though it seemingly alone with the constant companion of suffering and death running along side.

I believe the major thrust of the film is contained in the Biblical story Job. It is about man's yearning to understand and give meaning to the vicissitudes of life without losing faith in a God in the face of life's table of tragedy spread out before us. It is man's quest to find the meaning in life to give it purpose and help us when we are weaker than what life visits upon us. 

The protagonist a young Indian boy named Pi Patel is constantly thinking about the same things and even becomes a Hindu, a Christian, a devotee of Islam and even Kabbala Judaism in his quest to seek personal answers and peace. 

The film is available On Demand on TV BUT without the 3D glasses one does not gets, the visually awestriking experience. I may see it again on TV so I can re-see the thoughtfulness behind the movie albeit not in as visually appealing form. 

I give this film a thumbs-up IF and ONLY IF those aforementioned things usurp your consciousness as they do mine and if you are prepared to think hard about what the film is offering. To some it may seem like a children's movie but I suggest it is far from that. It could be seen by children but they would not have the sophistication, ability to question life and the experiences of it that only an adult could possess.  Want a slice of Pi?  I hope your answer is yes!

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