Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A New Pope -- I HOPE!

I have been an ardent critic of the Vatican which is my right BUT I am not -- certainly NOT-- impervious to error.  When I make one, and I have made many observational errors, I am not afraid or incapable of admitting them. SO FAR, emphasis on so far, there is something about this pope I like. I do not agree with him on the social issues BUT I LOVE his reaching out to the poor, I LOVE his going to AIDS patients irrespective of his view on sexuality and things related to it, and attending to those stricken. MAYBE this is a pope who can change things; when I look at him I want to embrace him and say PLEASE keep saying things about the inequities and the sins of our economic systems and continue to be an advocate for the poor.
He SEEMS to be a humanitarian despite the stands he took on social issues years ago. Maybe it was his way of being able to slowly rise through the Catholic ranks ascending ultimately to the papacy so he can really do something. I am willing to change my views and although I am Jewish and very agnostic at that I say, Holy Father, help us. We need someone something to lead us out of such desperate times. I am willing to listen. So far I mostly like what I hear and I like what I see reaching out of the popemobile into the crowd.

As for the rest there is NO way he could EVER change the church's stand on abortion.  Do NOT even look for that. Maybe though he is changing the focus AWAY from the bedroom and, as NYT ediotorialist Frank Bruni and someone else from another newspaper whose opinion I value said, "into the soup kitchens."  Maybe he would stop by the boardroom too as he talks about the inequities of our economic system.

I am willing to give him a chance. Isn't that what Jesus said to turn the other cheek so despite the past behavior of the Church, I so far, like their choice for pope! I do reserve the right to change my opinion.

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