Friday, February 08, 2013

Science Rules -- A Raging Planet

I feel bad for NYC and Staten Island.  It is deja vu all over again for them as it seems like Hurricane Sandy is repeating itself if that is possible.  Extend that through Boston on to Portland, Maine and beyond, the inconvenient truth that Al Gore talked about in his famous presentation, is coming truer beyond anyone's predication that it would so soon. 
I am a science worshiper and kneel at its alter.  Either you believe in science or you don't and why one would not staggers the rational mind at the ignorance that is reflected in so much of our population.
Science rules.  Its truth as reflected in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics cannot be denied. Science is NOT faith because it is provable and repeatable.  Climate change is accepted by at least 98% (or more now) of the best scientists and I believe them!
When one considers collectively ALL the disasters in recent time it shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Al Gore knew what he was talking about when he produced "An Inconvenient Truth."  He knew it was true because he was talking TO scientists.  As far back as the 1970's he with the scientists that influenced him could see the remarkable change in weather patterns in coincidence with the Industrial Age and its burning of filthy fossil fuels that polluted the atmosphere, dramatically increased global warming that produces the explosive weather events we are now experiencing.  An increase in temperature from the burning of fossil fuels and its deadly pollutive influence on the earth's atmosphere are robbing us of billions, ruining our beautiful planet and ultimately will, I fear, kill us all.
The floods, the fires, the intense hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis, droughts, crushing record breaking heat in the summer, tornadoes, mud slides from saturating rain and now the snow hurricanes in winter are more than enough to prove the point. Al Gore's inconvenient truth was 100% correct but this country does little to ameliorate the effects of its massive contribution to climate change. 
Instead of fixing infrastructure, the national electric grid, burying electric and telephone lines, developing alternative energies of wind and solar we have IDIOTS wanting a dastardly uber dirty pipe line dug from Canada to Louisiana to feed the pig's insatiable appetite for more filthy polluting oil. The pipeline will carry one of the world's dirtiest fuels tar sands oil warming the planet further.  Why attempt to fix climate change for generations to come when we can spend trillions on trumped up wars to feed the military industrial complex beast and kill a lot of people in the process?
In addition, we now proudly can attest this country has more natural gas to be gleaned from fracking shale than Saudi Arabia has oil.  The corporatists say it will make us energy self sufficient.  The problem is we will not live to tell this dirty story.  The innocent, duped by the corporations that frack their land, try to drink the fire water from their taps lit up by chemicals used to frack that gas out of the earth sickening them with cancer and other insufferable diseases that fracking causes.  
Moreover, superstitious, ridiculous and extreme religious wackoism will kill us all through the ignorance it spreads.  This country could lead the way BUT it must destroy the power of the stupids that occupy a large part of the Republican political spectrum.
The earth is NOT flat, a god's will does NOT cause disease but bacteria, viruses and DNA do. Evolution is truth and it should not be debated with those who want to believe in comforting fairy tale myths of sky gods, seas parting, virgins giving birth and men rising from the dead.   
Moses played by Charlton Heston in the absurd film "The Ten Commandments" did get one thing right however.  He said "If man does not live by the law he will die by the law." It is, though, the law of science and not man's law that has the last word.  There is NO question now that we are living on a raging planet and that the planet's explosive weather is due to one animal -- MAN.  If he does not obey the laws of science he WILL die by its laws that will sentence him to extinction sooner than he ever thought possible.

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