Sunday, February 10, 2013

Block the Block

This appeared on Huffington in response to the article stating Graham of S. Carolina to block two top Obama pics for Sec. of Defense and CIA -- Hagel and Brennan respectively, two eminently qualified men.  This person hit the nail on the proverbial head and did it more succinctly than I!  Both of us are adamantly committed to Republicans losing their shirt in 2014!  I cannot wait.  

Benghaziism and Birtherism."

Both words begin with "B" and end in unceasing GOPTea shenanigans.

How many times must President Obama publish his Hawaiian Birth Certificate to no avail?

How many meetings must Senators have over Benghazi, culminating in that stellar meeting with former Sec. of State and future President Hillary Clinton, before they’ll believe the facts?

But the GOPTea has anathema to FACTS. Their 24/7 propaganda Fox-machine eschews them and pays pundits to ignore polls and believe instead their own faux-polling that predicts Romney landslides (although one of the Fox pundits was lately let go, hello.)

If the GOPTea had actually done ANYTHING for our country and the American people since 2008 I might listen to what they had to say. But they’ve done NOTHING except obstruct and filibuster year after year all legislation and cabinet and judicial appointments.

The MAJORITY of Americans want to move FORWARD. The MAJORITY of Americans voted TWICE for President Obama, giving him more than 51% of the popular vote, a feat that hadn’t been accomplished since Eisenhower. We the people want President Obama’s agenda and appointees. But the GOPTea is deaf to the will of we the people that pay them and keep paying them to do nothingfor our country or us.

The 2014 elections cannot come fast enough and they will not be a repeat of 2010. They will mark an even greater victory for Democrats than 2012. Count on it, Senator Graham.”

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