Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Short Reflection After the Cliff

I STILL support the president! I do NOT think he lied as some on the left and, of course, the right do. I still think if he could have done what he truly wanted he would have but the Republican block does one thing well - it blocks. They still have a majority in the House and blocking numbers in the Senate.

Again, emphasis must, I think, be placed on this obstructionist Republican Party which plays appeasement with their racist tea baggie extreme. They are intractable and blocked what the president originally wanted. A large part of the threatening Republican base still cannot see a black man and his black family in the oh so White House. I believe that is the springboard for Republican imperviousness.

It does seem the payroll tax holiday is done BUT it may come back with the new Congress which has shed some virus as the Dems increased in the Senate and some wingnuts in the House were booted. The Dems got many other things too numerous to list. 
The media is saying, a huge fight about spending and the so called "entitlements" or as I like to call them benefits of Medicare and Social Security is going to ensue. This "debate" will make the fiscal cliff, they say, look small. I hope that is media hype to get you to watch them is wrong. My advice -- like I have credibility on this -- is DON'T watch.

More tax reform, spending cuts, and other fiscal fights must ensue including the potentially devastating blow up on the debt ceiling. I am fastening my seat belt which I hate to do so I will fasten it not too tightly but realizing there may be a bump ride ahead.

The solution: give Republicans in local, state and national elections the boot so something can finally be done for the nation.

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