Sunday, January 13, 2013

MOST important email you will ever get from ME--PLEASE READ

PLEASE if you read nothing else I write read this. It is the MOST important opinion you will ever receive and then pass it on. This is one of the BEST opinions yet below which I saw on Huffington. Often the electorate is unknowing, not understanding and ill uninformed about the debt ceiling. They think it's the deficit. It's NOT. Here is what a blogger said on Huffington that is RIGHT on target and that EVERYONE should know. EVERYONE!! Nothing less than your economic well being, my economic well being, the country's economic well being and the WORLD's economic well being is at stake. It behooves you to know it for those you love as well!

"The President needs to hold a prime time address to the nation and explain to them what the debt ceiling is, how we got here and why the Republican game is so risky for this country and the world's global economy.

The debt ceiling has nothing to do with spending. It has everything to do with paying the bills that Congress has already spent the money for.

Bush campaigned against PayGo and when he took office, he and the Republicans repealed PayGo. He went on to put two wars, two tax cuts and a Medicare Part D insurance plan on the national credit card. Orrin Hatch admitted that it was "standard practice not to pay for anything." Bush's VP said "deficits don't matter" so Bush spent more than any President in recent history, followed closely by Reagan.

The last government shutdown stunt that the Republicans pulled in 2011 cost the taxpayers over 18 Billion. It also resulted in the nation's first downgraded credit rating, which the S&P blamed on the Republicans and the Tea Party.

If government shuts down, there will be no SS checks for the elderly and the disabled. There will be no Medicare for them when we are in the middle of a flu epidemic. There will be no pay for active duty military. There will be no Veterans benefits or VA hospital.
Reagan warned about this in the 1980's. It seems today's Teapublicans want to talk about Reagan a lot, but they don't want to govern like Reagan did."

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