Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gun Violence in America

I am attaching a document here written by a relative of mine which is about gun violence in America. I believe it is nearly perfect. I will post it but one wonders if those to who view this blog will take the time to read it. It says it all and says it well. One SHOULD read it.

The ONLY thing on which we differ -- and ONLY because I am a pragmatist -- is that I advocate within the parts of the system that can, I think, work for progressive views. I believe the best way to do that since there are NO third parties nor will there be any of consequence at least in my lifetime is through one of the two parties within our electoral system -- The Democratic Party.

At this moment the Democratic Party is the ONLY party whose membership reflects realistically the hue of the nation and at least gives credence to most of my views. Therefore I want to use that to advocate for the most humane progressive policies I can. I am a 100% non violent advocate for change.

Stephen does not agree with my sentiments about the Democratic Party but I think he errs on that point. He and I see things differently on other policies as well but on gun violence we agree. I believe we can do only what we can do now and use the vehicles available to us to do them. Otherwise I agree with this article 99.999999% -- it is EXCELLENTLY written and EVERYONE SHOULD read it in these most terrible times.

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