Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Final View From the Cliff

Mr. Ross Douthat in his December 30, 2012 NYT editorial entitled “How to Read in 2013”  linked here or below, suggests we should all read a variety of publications opposite to one’s point of view.  Yes, this is what a fair-minded member of the electorate should do. I have dedicated decades to at least trying to look at both sides of issues from both sides of the political spectrum but I had come to an age where I had to form core beliefs or forever be politically wandering and weightlessly floundering in endless space looking for a place to sit. I have read alternative right wing points of view over years.  I came to the conclusion if that part of the political spectrum gains immense power I fear for the viability of our nation. 

Therefore, reading more right wing ideology is impossible for me to endure. In the end I believe we are all in this together; that we either sink or swim together or we die alone. No matter what Ayn Rand, Paul Ryan, the Heritage Foundation, Wall Street Journal, National Review, etc. says I believe they are not only fundamentally wrong in their basic points of view but threatening to the our republic. I believe the right could be responsible for the death of those who through no fault of their own and for a variety of reasons need the help of the nation for which they have worked hard and to which they have pledged their allegiance. 

I fear the right's cruel belief system. Without safety nets, healthcare and other government benefits earned over a lifetime many will die who should not. I will stick to Paul Krugman, the NYT in general, the Nation Magazine and some of the best sites on the left Democracy Now and the Real. They speak truth no matter how difficult to hear and advocate for a more humane world.

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