Friday, November 16, 2012

The Instruction of Nuremburg

As if the tumultuous seemingly never-ending presidential election of 2012 were not enough; as if the lies and now the Republican accusations against the president for everything from whom General Petraeus decided he wanted to share a bed to assigning blame against the administration for an attack on an embassy in the fog of war for which more protection was asked by Democrats but stymied yet again by Republicans hell bent on unseating this president were not enough; despite all of this and more, yet again, I have to bear eyewitness to another gut wrenching visual emblem of hateful Republican racist opposition out of control.

On my way through an affluent northeastern suburb I drove down a main street en route to my destination. I began to approach a two-sided sign on the road which took up a parking spot near a Dunkin Donuts. As I came closer to it I could see the sign had a large poster of President Obama. At first I wondered if it was a leftover from the campaign until I drove a bit nearer to it. I noticed on the president’s lip was drawn in magic marker a Hitlerian mustache. Beside the sign were the words in large letters "FAST AND FURIOUSLY IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT" and below that it said "Benghazigate." I could feel my blood pressure soar as if an IED were embedded in my veins. There was traffic all around so I could not address the insult personally.

A comment on something I wrote waxed critical saying Republicans are not racist they are merely critical of policy. Yes, and I have a bridge in Alaska I would like to sell you. That there is a rancid vein of hateful racist hypocrisy running like a cancer throughout the Republican body politic cannot be denied. Our president has received hundreds of threats more than any other president in the modern era. Because he is African American the verbal insults that assault him on a daily basis are voluminous and insufferable. The Republican Party is ringing its own funereal death knell if it does not vociferously object to that significant part of its party.

There will soon be an effort waged by Democrats NOT ONLY for the presidential election of 2016 but for every state and local election throughout the land so that this malevolent Republican Party does not further infect our body politic. Eventually, demographics will do the job for us but in the interim our efforts WILL see to it that Republicans lose state legislatures, lose governorships, lose the House, lose the Senate and, hopefully, keep the presidency. I urge those who feel as I support this effort any way they can. It will happen but it is true, it cannot happen fast enough for me. The Republican Party is dying and they know it. I hope that party reflecting that historically cancerous part of the American electorate is cut out and returns to the depths of the sea from which that part of the Republican Party morphed and emerged onto the national scene in its present form.

A physical or angry verbal reaction by me to what I saw was impossible and even dangerous so I decided to write about it because I believe it is one’s obligation in the face of racist hateful immorality to say SOMETHING. If Nuremberg taught us anything it taught us this.


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