Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Fix

If the election were fair the president would win in a landslide.  All the polls have him ahead and the electoral vote HUGE UNLESS the fix is in. 
Obama is leading in nearly every poll on the planet. Nate Silver of the NYT has him WAY ahead.   The worry for me has always been the fix in Ohio because of the mendacious Tag Romney and the liar Willard Mitt Romney owning the machines and there will not be a way to find out even though the Dems have armies of lawyers there and computer experts.  The fix is what I have always been afraid of. If the election were above board then Obama would win in a landslide.  Even Intrade one of the most reputable yardsticks has him at 66% favorabilty to win which is great for Intrade.  The NYT brilliant Nate Silver has him at 80 or so percent to win with over 300 electoral votes.  
Who on God's earth let's a candidate's son control the voting machines in a so called "close" election in a crucial state?   If Obama did it can you imagine the Republican outcry.
I'm worried about nothing but the illegal fix there are no words horrible enough to describe this empty suit Romney.  He is simply AWFUL with NO ethics whatsoever.  God help this nation if he tries to steal the presidency!!

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