Thursday, November 08, 2012


The Democrats' recent out-of-the-park home run election victory of the president made me feel ECSTASY. The Republicans were not only defeated but CRUSHED. The glee I feel cannot be calculated. The story below and here is about a "day of reckoning" that Republican MEGA wealthy donors and super pacs want for the blow-out Republican failure costing them over a billion bucks. I imagine after spending over a billion bucks on something one might be slightly angry if the Secretariat-like stud you spent it on not only lost the “ horse-race” but then broke nearly all of his legs in the process!

It could not, of course, from my point of view, happen to a nicer -- errr rather more RANCID group of immoral slugs. Poetic justice perhaps? I do not believe in a cosmic justice but I do believe in people-sponsored justice and I know, personally, how those on our Democratic side of the political divide with tremendous spirit and passion went in for the kill and we did it. We SLEW the dragon and none too soon for me.

Like Mitt's cute saying "I LOVE to fire people" in my case I LOVE to fire Republicans who are unethical, cruel, and unprincipled Neanderthals. They simply could not win fair and square but had to attack persons of color any way they could to stop minorities from voting returning, in different form, to the era of the Jim Crow voter suppression south. But the people in the voting line FOUGHT the Party of White BACK non-violently standing in line for as much as eight hours to vote. THAT is democracy!

Rethuglican Governor Rick Scott State of Florida slug supreme cut early voting days/hours down and closed other polling places in minority areas to help deliver Florida to the Republicrats. He did all he could to confuse the Democratic voter as the Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted dittoed in the all important swing-state Ohio. Persons, mostly of color, stopped these Republican low lifes from subverting the most precious power we all possess in a democracy – the non-violent weapon of choice - the right to vote.

The Republican Party of racist Know Nothings will NOT live to see another Congressional sweep as they did in 2010 especially if they try to subvert the nation driving it off the extremist fiscal cliff. We as progressive Democrats now must concentrate on taking back the US HOUSE in the next two year election cycle and we just may if the House Republican Party becomes the party that throws the entire nation into economic chaos. Perhaps the super rich simply want the nation to fall off a cliff anyway especially if it is becoming a majority non white nation. One would hope there are a few patriots left in Republican land so that they do not dare do that.

The country's demographics have changed as we who know about things political expected it would and it is beginning now. The country of white will ULTIMATELY lose its majority. White conservative anti humans and religious extremist stupids have held this place MUCH TOO LONG anyway. Some Republican wingnuts say they want a war. So be it but I would NOT give that a try as whites will soon NOT have the numbers. So go ahead, as Republican darling Clint Eastwood might say to a chair “make my day.” I suspect Ann No Heart Coulter might respond in pertinent part you WILL LOSE!

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