Monday, November 12, 2012


The Republican extremist brand lost and badly so.  It has been tainted by its national reality and its national identity of cruel, hardened, often nativistically racist and extreme religious right ideologues. It is the party of ridiculous stances on social issues which if one is a Republican and especially if one seeks national office one must face and worse of which one must be a part.  It taints Republican would be office-holders everywhere.

The Republican economic philosophy, if one can manage to see it through all the rest of the side issue noise, is understandable. Even I, a staunch Democrat, can see that certain spending must be curtailed. The question becomes WHICH spending but that is another issue.   The albatross around Republican necks everywhere is a Republican national minority that controls it through the nation’s primary system.  Candidates, especially those for high office, MUST swing extreme right to have success.  Its backward stances in science and human rights has lassoed, hog tied and imprisoned the rest of the Republican Party that is somewhat saner.  It makes it irrelevant to sustain a nation or, in a larger sense, even to save human existence.   Yes, the acknowledging of climate change, man's fossil fuel gluttonous contribution to global warming and science in general CANNOT be denied if one wants a nation let alone a world to survive.

In a modern culture one cannot be anti choice, anti birth control, anti stem cell research, anti evolution, anti all the things progressives have won for human rights and think that the Republican Party is the party of the future.  It is NOT.  It is the party of reactionary regression and IF given majorities will inflict primarily one thing upon the nation – death – the death of those who have fallen victim to economic forces and other realities over which they had no control.  They find themselves lost, dispossessed and poor.  Moreover, without the realities that science offers those who do not accept it, in Darwinian fashion, will not survive.  Thankfully, it seems, at least for now, nationally, many have seen the light.

One cannot go backwards rendering the American people to a dumbed down laughing stock nation threatening its very survival and, perhaps, indeed, the survival of man.  Yes, it is an existential choice. 

AFTER Obama we the party of science and human rights, the party which elected the first African American president in two landslides must NEVER become complacent, must ALWAYS be vigilant and see to it the Republican Party which makes no room for the diversity of the human condition NEVER gets majorities again.  That IS our mandate and THAT should be our goal. In this we must not falter and we must not fail.  The Republican Party of the academically challenged LOST big and I am supremely happy about that!


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