Saturday, October 27, 2012

I Irony of Voter Fraud

The wonderful Melissa Harris Perry MSNBC progressive commentator and host of her own weekend show discussed today Republican attempts at voter suppression and voting fraud ironically the very thing about which Republicans say they are SO concerned. She had four panelists one of whom was entitled “Republican Strategist.” I wrote the following to Melissa Harris Perry:

I believe the Republican "strategist's" feet were NOT held to the fire. She came across as honest, upright and being as concerned as those in the Democratic Party about voter suppression. I say bull pucky. It is HER party, the Republican Party, that is guilty of the MOST egregious voter suppression by Republican governors with Republican legislatures in Republican states in American history since the post Civil War period. It is ALL geared – ALL of it – geared we know to suppress the Democratic vote by making it more difficult for minorities in particular to be able to vote. No Democrat ever wants to limit the vote but Republicans do because they know they cannot win unless they employ what should be illegal and nefarious policy to do this.

For this Republican strategist to come across as squeaky clean is deceptive at best and dishonest at worst. It is HER party and no other party who wants to steal the vote from Democrats because Mitt Romney CANNOT win on his own rancid policy positions. From posters screaming out in heavily African American districts where there is NO voter fraud that voter fraud is a felony to reminders in Spanish sent out with the wrong date IS irony and it is also a felony. It is a felony, indeed, and Republicans should be indited, tried and imprisoned for it because they commit most of it.

For Tag Romney to have an interest in a company in the most contested and important of all states, Ohio, is NO QUESTION an egregious malevolence. This should not happen. There should be laws against this conflict of interest. Do YOU trust Tag Romney will make sure his machines work equally well for the president as they do for his own father? Do you trust Tag Romney to make sure those machines are not hacked by Republicans? NO? Well neither do I!

Because Tag Romney owns the voting machines in Ohio who knows what could happen in the dead of night as some Republican hacker somewhere could flip and dump the vote as they did in 2004. They can do it in 2012 IF they own the voting mechanics and IF we let them. If that god forbid happens, you will see then the Democratic half of the nation FLIP ITS WIG.

Republicans are NOT the only ones with computer expertise and hacking knowledge. Democrats I am sure have that knowledge too and if Republicans are not careful it could be a do unto you as you do unto me moment. Do NOT underestimate the abilities of the Democratic Party to STOP the Republican racist party from gaining one corrupt foot into the oval office again. You should make it clear to her that Democrats KNOW the Republican game after the stolen 2000 and 2004 election. We are NOT suicidal. WE WILL NOT REPEAT 2000 and 2004 AGAIN!

Those machines owned by Mitt Romney's son Tag should be replaced POST HASTE with paper ballots where there is a paper trail just like in Massachusetts, a state that misguidedly elected his empty suit flip-flopper-in-chief father governor in a fair election!

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