Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A natural disaster named Sandy and the disaster of a man named Mitt Romney

I have witnessed in my life many horrific events challenging our nation but never have I ever witnessed the devastation and wreckage wreaked by a unique weather phenomenon of a hurricane wrapped in a nor'easter storm named Sandy. It assaulted and battered the northeast. This is the serious impact of climate change that has shown its ugly face in a plethora of nature’s fury here and throughout the world. It is a scientific reality which the Republican Party and Mitt Romney, as its titular head, is loathe to admit. This storm has ruined lower Manhattan, Long Island and devastated the Jersey shore. It has impacted seriously many other states. The damage is incalculable, unbelievable and the saga ongoing.

I developed my political philosophy after two historical events. The Holocaust and rise of fascism in 1930’s Europe which made it clear to me the horror of right wing fascism -- unprincipled, extreme and unbounded in its nationalistic animus. It gives rationale for every violence too horrible for a normal personality to contemplate. It has no humanitarian basis of thought. It is mean, violent, and unabashed in its fanaticism. Fascism weds an oligarchic capitalism with unbridled militaristic nationalism and is inhumane, bellicose and racist to its core. Mitt Romney and his party are much like that.

FDR and the Great Depression solidified my point of view that federal power is NOT the enemy of our nation. The tug of war between the Constitutional mandates of state power versus federal power has been argued in American history for centuries. I believe, as history has unfolded, federal power in this country can and SHOULD, when crafted well, be invoked to save a nation. It was true in the age of the Great Depression giving us jobs, Social Security and later Medicare for seniors; it was true during the Civil Rights era leading to the Voting Rights Act disassembling the age of Jim Crow and it is true now crafting a policy to dig us out of Republican-induced Wall Street anarchy and the birth of the Great Recession.

Throughout President Obama’s leadership we have mandated equal pay for equal work for women, codified rules for Wall Street, we have a more affordable health care act and we have killed bin Laden. Government can work for the people. It can level the playing field making policy fairer by rounding up a field of 50 cats in the form of states each doing their own thing to enact the mandate of federal power trumping that of the states when necessary to promote the general welfare. Government is a matter of setting priorities. Do we want perpetual war and a more bloated military or do we want repair of our sagging, dangerous, and potentially catastrophe-inducing infrastructure.

Mitt Romney, a candidate who has changed his mind on nearly every single issue of our day to fit the milieu in which he finds himself, yet again, was taped during the Republican debate saying he thought it would be a good idea to de-federalize and even get rid of many federal institutions like the EPA and FEMA – two agencies necessary in keeping us safe from disasters like Hurricane Sandy and corporate polluters like the perpetrators of the BP Gulf oil mess. Romney said he thought it a good idea to turn recovery after a natural disaster to the states rather than ask for assistance of the federal government even though he DID ask the federal government for just that as the governor of Massachusetts even withholding state funds until the federal government stepped up to the plate.

In our age of unending national disasters due to climate change what would this unconscionable man do? He would leave the states to fend for themselves. In view of this latest horrific disaster involving a multitude of states how quickly could the states themselves save themselves from this holocaust of destruction? How many would die? The loss of life would be enormous but Mitt Romney does not care about that. He TELLS you he does but he does not.

Romney and the Republican Party LIE about nearly everything even having the nerve to lie about the president's saving of the auto industry through the auto industry bailout touting it as Romney’s own policy when he, in fact, advocated for its opposite -- bankruptcy. He lied about Chrysler sending its jobs to China because of the president. Chrysler by their own statements said this was untrue! It was another lie. There is NO shame and no morality in the man Romney. He will say and do anything to win.

The choice is ours to make. Do we choose a man who lies constantly, flip-flopping his views to fit the moment? Or do we acknowledge our president’s leadership, setting a thoughtful and cogent course, protecting our nation when it incurs a national disaster or a threat from abroad?

Yes, I hope every day that the country does not do anything so incredibly short sighted and infinitely wrong by electing the immoral man, Romney. The election of Mitt Romney means not only the death of a salesman’s economy through bad arithmetic but the death of our nation through the disaster named Mitt Romney as well.


Pass this on to whomever you like. If you know someone in Ohio and any other swing state pass it to them most especially or use it for an opinion piece in an Ohio or other swing state newspaper. Use it in any way that could help the president!

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