Sunday, June 03, 2012

CEASE and DESIST -- Arrest Rick Scott and his Secretary of State

There is NO question that the Dept. of Justice under Eric Holder CANNOT let the unconstitutional and possibly criminal actions of a Rick Scott and his Secretary of State stand.  They would love nothing else but to illegally and unconstitutionally purge hundreds of thousands of potentially Democratic voters from the voting registration list in Florida. 

They have thrown dirt in our Justice Department's face and by extension have kicked mud in the face of our president by refusing to obey the Justice Department's letter to stop their rancid actions.  Eric Holder and the civil rights division of the Department of Justice, MUST show spine as Nicholas Katzenbach exemplified during the Kennedy years when he stood in front of the racist Wallace and told him in no uncertain terms he WOULD face arrest if he did not step aside, comply with the law and let black students attend the University of Alabama. Atty Gen. Holder probably would not be in the position he holds if it were not for the brave civil rights protest, life and death struggle waged in the 1960's to create a fair and level playing field for minorities. 

Scott and his henchmen's actions are not far removed from Alabama's racist Governor George Wallace as Scott and his Secretary of State are systematically denying minorities, seniors, the disabled and even military men of their right to vote. It is all in an effort to defeat the president and it is why the attorney general's staff MUST go to Florida, tell those who are implementing these unconstitutional edicts of voter purge and suppression to CEASE AND DESIST or face arrest.

the fear of prison would be enough to STOP what is the most egregious assault of voting rights since before the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Make clear that WE can be as strong as our opposition.  Show Rick Scott and his cronies up for the cowards and corrupt sinister men they are.

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