Saturday, May 05, 2012

Smelling the thrill of victory--a stream of consciousness

If you heard the  president as I did today in Ohio, he was MAGNIFICENT.  He spoke to a HUGE crowd.  He was the Barack Obama I knew and loved.  I STILL know and love him.  The second term will be even better than the first IF the rotten red congressional House turns blue.  We MUST help throw the Republican wingnuts OUT.  Get the president some support.  I am feeling better every day, more positive by the moment.  Romney no matter how much money it will not matter.  He is an empty suit and throwing overboard this guy Grennell was his first BIG error.  It shows you how horrendous Romney is.  He threw a long time loyal Republican supposedly expert (well I challenge that but just saying) in foreign policy overboard Grennell who was gay because some two bit racist bigot religious fanatics scared the *&^% out of him shows you what this guy is and what the party has become.  It is OVER for Republicans.  This is their last gasp. The complexion of the country is changing and they will all too soon be irrelevant.  Cannot happen fast enough for me.

Romney has got to be the worst of the worst Republican candidates EVER. I never thought I would say that after the McCain debacle of 2008 but the Republicans outdid themselves this time with the bottom of the barrel candidate. He is just AWFUL. He could have God as his running mate and it would not help. WOW Romney is so out of touch, he is so UNPRINCIPLED, and it is almost painful to watch him squirm in his own skinHe is just a shill for the out on a limb extremists who have taken over the soon to be dead Republican Party. What will be left of it?  NOTHING I HOPE!  They will NEVER EVER be able to win national elections with an extremist not only base but entirety...EVER. Throwing overboard Grennell was just a metaphor for how much of an empty suit Romney is. There is NO comparison between Obama and him. Obama is SO SO SO far superior it's not even funny. How does a party do that to itself? It's committing suicide right before our eyes and Rubio or ANYONE will NOT help!

We must be buoyed up by the HUGE crowd today in Ohio. Polls I am reading are looking so far good for all the swing states except Florida which is neck and neck.  I have a feeling it will turn to us...I hope.  BUT in NO WAY be smug just be ENTHUSIASTIC again.  Our lives and your children's lives are at stake. 

Obama 2012 -- work for his re-election

p.s.  Pray and help Scott Walker's DEMISE in Wisconsin.  I feel he is going down.  One by one we take the nation back.  Brick by brick we build a new nation from the bottom up!


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