Thursday, May 03, 2012

Homosexual Hate -- The Republican Party and the true new Nazis

I dislike throwing the word Nazi around like a game of Wonder Ball.  If every political group and person to whom one objects is labeled Nazi then no one truly is.  Yet there are unique times where the comparison is apt. 

Last evening MSNBC'S Larry O'Donnell carried a segment about the despicable anti-homosexual hate-filled violence infused “sermon” preached last Sunday by a North Carolina Baptist pastor.  It stunned me into catatonic incredulity so much so that I had to decompress from the poison circulating my system.  I post the segment here and below for your review. If you view it please view both "Pastor" Sean Harris's sermon and Larry O'Donnel's well crafted response. 

Harris's loathsome violent-to-children-who-appear-to-be-gay rant spewed his venom to a sparse congregation in North Carolina.  It included such sweet suggestions as breaking a child's "limp" wrist if that “limp” wrist belonged to a male.  Nonetheless, many cheered and clapped. I do not know from under what rock these intellectually mind-frozen inhumane malcontents emerge but this is why the plethora of allies in and of the LBGT community are so important. 

Time and again I give kudos to Rachel Maddow for her work, her honesty about her own life and her representation of it which does more, in my opinion, than all the gay rights marches of yesteryear one could attend.  I believe all those who publicly stand up to defend the innocent other save lives.  Everything, though, is important to fight this systemic true evil that courses through the life blood of our nation.  The Republican Party has morphed into something unrecognizable to those who were the true respectable Republican intellects of their time.  The Republican Party, now the party of hate, is infused with right wing extremists no Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford and even the Republican idol Ronald Reagan could understand.

The firing of homosexual Richard Grennell, Romney's adviser on foreign policy, shouts loud and clear where the Republican Party has taken itself and how its soon-to-be-leader and Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, once a supporter of gay rights, now melts into a pile of putty in the face of opposition from the party's most extreme base.  He acquiesced to the utterly hateful Bryan J. Fisher the Director of Issues Analysis and to Tony Perkins president of the malodorous anti-gay American Family Association.  Romney hurts a man who was loyal to the Republican Party for years.  This is the stuff of which the noxious chameleon Willard Mitt Romney is made.  I hope this gives Grennell pause to realize the morphed Republican Party to which he has associated himself is the pure and unadulterated party of hate which will make no room for him or other so-called Log Cabin Republicans who are gay.

There is sad simile to the German Nazi Party's rise to power, which would ultimately murder millions in modern time.  The German party of 20th century history would plunge the world into one of its greatest war killing machines human kind has ever known.  Many Jews during the anti-Semitic Nazi Party's assent were told to get out of Germany because the words and essence of the Nazi party's leadership put the handwriting on the wall for them to read.  But many did not read them and most did not leave.  Many thought it only a phase.  It will end, some thought.  It was only a transitory minority element within the party that will fade with time.  But it never did fade with time until it was too late and the other everywhere was ground into dust by an element in a movement many thought was merely going through harmless growing pains.

The rise of the Nazi Party began with a simple speech, a book, a movie, a burning, a purge but it ended with the slaughter, the purging and the burning of millions.  It is why I make the comparison between its rise and the rise of our own disloyal opposition.  In truth, this Republican Party of hate includes in its ranks the most extreme right wing virulence that party has ever known which is too close for comfort to the appellation of Nazi for me.

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