Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The prospect of an even more right wing Republican choice-Please read. A stream of consciousness: Santorum the rightwingnut extremist won both Mississippi AND Alabama in the Republican primaries. You heard the audience at the Republican debates. They would rather a person with no health insurance who is ill die on the street than provide help. We are the ONLY first world nation that has a significant part of the population who believes that and where now before the president's health care legislation kicks in, 25,000,000 have no health insurance. Religion, our Founders specifically did NOT want to mix with the state, WILL. That is what you will get IF that rancid Republican Party nominates an even more-extremist-than-Romney candidate. I cannot imagine that but it’s true. The only thing more right wing would be The John Birch Society (they are in the mix of Republicans too), the KKK, or the American Nazi White Nationalist parties and do not kid yourself some are probably in the Republican Party today as well. The old establishment Republican party is nearly dead or on life support.

So what does that mean for us? There is NO question for us. If you thought you might not vote THINK AGAIN. Elections matter. I do not care what your criticism of Democrats has been. It is a FAR FAR better more humane party than the horrific opposition. On paper it SEEMS President Obama would have an easier time with a Santorum-like candidate and Romney still cannot be counted out BUT and it's a HUGE BUT we CANNOT, MUST NOT, take ANYTHING for granted. We must get out the vote as if our very lives depend upon it because they do. Your children's life and their children’s lives depend upon our president winning this reelection. It is a deadly serious serious matter. Not only is Republican White Land racist beyond belief they are war like beyond belief and the environment will cease to exist as well so our planet will die a slow death and so will we. They will ensure America continue on a war-like footing, partner with big corporate money (like the Nazi state did) and create a real oligarchy and a war with Iran which COULD -- I say COULD -- mean WWIII and a draft of your kids. I do not think I am being a fear monger.

The Republican Party is the most dangerous party since the Civil War. They are NOTHING I repeat NOTHING like the party of Lincoln. They are the party of the Dixicrats of old which did everything they could to deny black people equal rights. If the hard work of Dr. King and others who followed were not part of our country's history there would STILL be segregation in the south and elsewhere.

So what does that mean for the other half -- us? We MUST take this election dead seriously. We MUST MUST get out the Democratic and Independent leaning Democratic (which is a huge number) out to vote. That is how our president wins. Some sickening voter ID back-to-Jim-Crow legislation that REPUBLICAN state legislators put in has been stopped by the courts hopefully into November BUT we do not know for how long and how many will not be stopped. The Justice Department is working on it. STILL WE CAN DO SOMETHING about this DISGUSTING voter ID legislation which is geared for nothing but to stop minorities, the elderly and the disabled (eligible to vote) not to vote. We can ensure Democrats and others who care about the trajectory of this nation MAKE SURE THOSE WHO NEED AN ID GET ONE and head this criminal Republican Party off at the pass. BEAT them at their own game and CRUSH them in November. I do not care if you have to walk, email, snail mail, telephone or smoke signal the vote for the president MUST prevail. Gain your enthusiasm. Erase the 2010 horrific Republican obstructionist election and re-elect the president, give him a Democratic House and keep the Senate in Democratic hands. IF YOU CAN support monetarily the re-election of the president campaign OR give to the national Democratic Party link:

Think of it this way. IF the rancid racists make it in November, I will be going to the North Pole or worse. PLEASE tell EVERYONE you know to work for the president and Democrats in November and most importantly get people who would vote for the president the proper ID one needs to vote (each state is different.) NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE IN. Your life depends upon it and so does mine!

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