Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Worries: Lately I've been positive about our President’s re-election because the Republican slate is SO severely (to use Romney’s own word) awful and even hilarious. They are better than Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey Circus unless you contemplate a win by them then it becomes bone chilling. I think that Romney will win the Republican nomination as he seems to be pulling ahead in Michigan. These are some of the things about which I worry.

Gas prices: Obviously, they are bad and, perhaps, will get worse. This, of course, is NOT our president’s fault. It has to do with more complex matters – something the Republican brain cannot seem to understand – such as Middle East political explosive dismemberment (in part the Iraq War gift) and market speculators in oil allowed to drive up prices through the roof by the money maniacs of Wall Street. They know that they will get tremendous returns if they short the oil market and, as a side benefit, drive up gas prices to hurt the president. We understand that the Know Nothings will blame the president because, well, they know NOTHING!

My other worry, among many, is Romney's pick for VP. It will probably be Rubio so he can take Florida in the general. I may be in error but I worry about this possibility. If his VP pick is not Rubio than Gov. McDonnell of VA whose ambitions know no end could be the more-than-horrific Romney choice. Many do not much love him in Virginia as they do not much love Republicans like Walker in Wisconsin, Kasich of Ohio, Scott of Florida who must, of course, govern when they are in office. When Republicans govern the people economically lose. It does not stop the electorate from again and again voting them into office as they become bamboozled by their moronic social issues agenda and flimsy but feel good patriotism. They elect uber religious governors who add millions to the unemployment roles by laying-off state workers.

Moreover, McDonnell is the governor who will probably soon sign the vaginal probe anti choice legislation tantamount to the rape of women by the state so they can torment them by forcing them to view their fetus not only by ultrasound but by the more invasive and sometimes dangerous vaginal probe! It is draconian legislation at its worst but McDonnell is set to sign it for Virginia.

McDonnell is the worst of the worst right wingnut fanatic radical Republicans but is a prototype of extremist Republican Party politics of this era. He is anti women, anti choice and a religious wingnut crusader who cares nothing for the middle class unemployed, the poor and the sick but he does care about a woman’s uterus. He attended Pat Robinson's religious wingnut college—need I say more. It’s not Harvard!

This is how Republicans “govern.” Not only are they Know Nothings but they are DO nothings as well except to impose the tyranny of the big government, they say they loathe, not for economic repair but for the so called social issues of abortion, your contraception choice and the selection of a partner with whom to spend your life. They would regress this nation to a different century hurting millions.

The 2010 Republican electoral horror is the greatest impediment to the 2012 re-election of the president and to the return of the House to Democrats. Analysis can give clarity but ACTION to reverse the malevolent Republican extremist turn to the fringe right is imperative. We who advocate for progressive causes, acceptance of human diversity, who love science, intellectual and human advancement MUST push forward to get the vote out for Democrats who across the nation represent our point of view.

A last note: The “conservatives” have the Supreme Court in their cross-hairs. It is soon poised to overturn civil rights legislation which has been stare decisis i.e. settled law for decades. They will stop, if Republicans get a significant majority on the court, the advancement of civil rights, the pillar upon which our nation stands, for other minorities as well. Those cross-hairs could be directed at you and directed at me. I know that and it is why I write so furiously!

Time is of the essence. Work to re-elect the president and once again turn the House blue in November. Nothing short of our republic and YOUR rights are at stake.

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