Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dozens killed in Iraq--This is what I mean (short opinion): Here is the link to the reporting above:

This is what I mean when I have discussed US foreign policy and why the "preemptive" Iraq War was SO disastrous: I quickly off the cuff posted the following opinion in part on an MSNBC blog:

Organized uncompromising and extreme religion kills. This is why the Iraq War and America for a host of irrational reasons -- including Neocon delusion -- inserting its footprint into Iraq to remove the dictator Hussein was the greatest most costly mistake in US history. THIS is the violence we have wrought. Religious fanaticism and intractability is often inbred in a culture and now violent upheaval is in nearly every Middle East state.

One cannot mold people into democracies which have immovable dissenting rigid uncompromising religious ideological disputes over centuries sometimes millenia. A dictator is needed at times to promote stability as much as I personally abhor that. Democracy is not for everyone. We have our own intractable Congress and to me a faction of Republicans sounds like the religious fanatics of the Middle East which will not compromise under any circumstance.

Not ONLY did the US destabilized Iraq it destabilized an entire region -- a tinderbox of horrific violence has followed in nearly every state with Pakistan in real time possessing 100 nukes. There are nukes in other nations in that neck of the woods as we know. All it takes is one flash point to insert the unspeakable outcome. If one wants to know what the explosion of a nuclear device looks like search Hiroshima on Utube for a rational view.

I know lets invade Iran to promote democracy -- NOT. Just what we need an insertion of more US forces in Iran twice the size of Iraq. Are they kidding us?? It is NUTS just plain NUTS.

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