Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Matter of the Utmost Importance: I believe it is never too early to remind people to register to vote. Your vote is the ONLY thing you and we have to grab the power and wrest it from the control of the top 2% wealthiest. As we can see in the Republican primaries the amount of money necessary to compete is beyond obscene it is the most destructive evil our supposedly democratic system has injected by the rancid vote of five unconscionable conservatives on the Supreme Court that inflicted the dastardly Citizens United decision upon this land proclaiming corporations as people. That is NOT what our founders had in mind and if you think it is horrible now you have not seen anything until another Republican is in office. Most of your power will be neutered and the top 1% crony capitalist system will prevail. It will and is now mainly an oligarchy where control of your lives is vested in the ultra wealthy and they do NOT care about you!

I write this so you will know NOT to even think about staying home next November. That would be unacceptable. Reality speaks and the reality is we have a two party system. You may WANT a multiparty system but for the next election at least that is NOT what we have. The choice is crystal clear. Democrats EVERYWHERE not only here in Mass but in EVERY state in the nation must be rounded up and herded into the election booth to vote for President Obama to re-elect him. This is more than imperative it is life sustaining.

If you care about Social Security being saved, Medicare to save the lives of the disabled and elderly, and Medicaid to help the poor, unemployment benefits, a rectification of the weak economy caused by Republicans then voting for a Democratic president is a MUST DO. Beyond that and if you do not care about anything else OR you are angry for what was done or not done by the president then think on this: In the next four years most probably TWO Supreme Court justices will be chosen by a president and perhaps even three will be chosen. The vital questions of the day from marriage to women's control of their own bodies to privacy to most importantly HUMONGOUS money in politics will be decided by the Court. All life sustaining polices will be at risk. The air you breath, the water you drink, the food you eat, the global warming of the planet and science itself is at risk BUT if President Obama is elected none of that will be at risk and he will get to choose the justices of the Supreme Court where it may be possible to overturn the disgustingly malevolent Citizen's United decision.

The Court has created a monster in the land and one that wants to swallow whole all the money and power and keep it in Republican often racist Tea Bagger hands and out of YOUR hands. DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN. If one looks at the sea of white faces at the Republican rally it tells you something. It tells you that that rancid party wants to return to another century with restrictive voting rights, restrictive rights against women, a Nativist mentality of the 19th century and an aggressive foreign policy that could get you and your children killed. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. IF we can turn the House blue again, keep the senate and keep President Obama in the oval office you will have made a decision to protect your life and those who come after you. DO NOT FALTER AND DO NOT FAIL to vote and to vote Democratic. By the way tell ALL your relatives and friends here and everywhere to do so as well. My deceased relative to her dying day believed in our president and that he would win in a landslide. I want to see that it happens for her memory and for us and the generations that come after us. But it cannot happen unless you vote and think upon the MANY MANY reasons the President should receive your vote.

He has not done it all as NO president ever has but he HAS done a lot. Beyond that all of that federal judges' positions will be filled by him. So much is riding on your Democratic vote there is no time here to enumerate everything. So we must rely on each other and have the president's back. Tell him you are with him by the number of your votes cast and he will listen. The second term IF he gets congressional support we will see the kind of change we as progressives expect. He will not fail us so let us not fail him.

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