Monday, January 02, 2012

A stream of consciousness plea:

I am a left of center progressive and have supported the Occupy movement as best I can from where I am. I love this movement and think it was so necessary. Forming it as the 99% against the 1% is brilliant. It is a mantra people can understand. Keep pushing it.

Having said that I am old enough to remember the 1968 Democratic convention which got the Republican Richard the lawbreaker Nixon elected due to the violence the country saw. It alienated much of the electorate and drew them into the Republican Party as the "Moral Majority" and a law and order right wing movement was born. It lives today as the radical religious fundamentalists at the base of the Republican Party. There are, of course, some differences in that the politics of that era were generally about the Vietnam War and black civil rights. Much of white America loathed it and loathed what they saw as a lack of patriotism on the left. It is why even today we on the left get painted with that false unpatriotic brush.

I ask you -- no I implore you -- to pass the word around to whomever are with you and Occupy movements all over the country do not make the same mistakes as we did in the late 60's. Do not give the opposition propaganda to paint false pictures of what we are. This time we have many of those who were the moral majority on our side because they too have been crushed by the Wall Street banksters and fraudsters. Court union support! It is from where immense power comes and those who comprise it are the ones whom state governors like the malevolent Walker, Kasich, Scott, LePage and others managed to alienate with their poisonous wool- in-sheep's-clothing politics. This is the opposition's big mistake. The egregious things they did on Wall Street are ruinous to the huge blue collar masses. The Unions are your friends and it is for them and the rest of the 99% that we work. Reach your hand out to unions and walk in solidarity with them.

There must not be any violence especially at the Democratic convention in the summer. Reality dictates that it is from these two parties that the presidential race will be taken. Whatever our president has done with which progressives find fault it must not be for one second thought that Romney (the apparent Republican nominee to be) will be a good thing. He's the opposite of a good thing. Do not hand the election to him and the Republican Party. Much of that party is filled with right wing racist extremists. He, if elected, will pick two or maybe more Supreme Court. appointments. More so called "conservatives" on this rancidly tipped court will end this country as we have known it. Do not be violent to ensure that happens. And be careful of people from the other side who may incite you to violence. Republicans lie all the time and will stop at nothing to plant treason among you as many have shown. Be smart use the tactics of Gandhi and Martin Luther King. It will get you and us so much more.

Spread the word ... No absolutely no violence at the Democratic convention and no violence at the Republican convention either. You do not want to give our opposition any ammunition they can use against us.

Happy New Year to you all and thank you much for what you do!

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