Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Taboo Mix -- Religion and State: If there is a better editoralist than James Carroll I have not read one yet. Carroll is brilliant and his editorial this week in the Boston Globe: "Monotheism doesn't mean 'we're No. 1" (link below) is exactly correct. More, I believe, have been killed over the centuries (including the 2000 year etiology of the Holocaust) in the name of relgion than have been saved by it and the killing continues unabated.

I truly believe that organized religion is the source of divisive evil on earth from Jerusalem, to Europe, even, dare I say, to the stage of the Republican debate. The assault of its Republican verbal inanity does damage to one's ears.

The pièce de résistance last evening was Herman Cain's postulation that Jesus was killed by liberals. That in and of itself reflects the bone chilling absurdity of tying religion to the state. Many of our Founders knew that truth.

God help us, as nothing else, it seems, can!

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