Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Right to Our Life, Civil Liberties Abridgment and the Ordered Killing of US Citizen Al-Alwaki: This is the kind of action that drives many liberals, civil libertarians and people that compose the president's base crazy. It would be as if the Republican candidate admitted he were an atheist. It is that important to those who care about what Constitutional due process is. They are the people who put candidate Obama into the presidency.

But there are some others like I, for example, who considers herself a member of Obama's base, decries some of his leadership abilities, truly cares about unlawful search and seizures, cruel and unusual punishment, and power operating without due process BUT in certain circumstances who sees particular instances where those civil libertarian guarantees must be breached.

I believe after 9/11 that we live in a different nation. When Benjamin Franklin said “those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” he NEVER knew what an atom was, never knew the atom could be split, never knew about nuclear weaponry, and never knew about a dirty bomb. I believe a nation state has a right -- no a duty -- to defend itself and its populous from ever having to endure such a dastardly attack even IF it means breaching some Constitutional rights to apprehend a perpetrator.

We live in a NUCLEAR age. We live in an age where mayhem can be delivered upon a country after which that country truly could perish. Think about it. We in this nation most love, we who NEVER worried about going to a restaurant, to the movies, to a classroom must court the possibility now that an innocent task could turn into utter destruction. THAT is the truth we must live with in our time.

I do NOT fear my government under Obama and I do not fear my government even under a Republican. Perhaps I am naive but I believe in the endurance of this nation even under the most difficult and trying times we experience today. I believe in defending our lives and our way of life by any means necessary.

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