Thursday, October 06, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Occupies my Mind: Yesterday I wrote: I am thinking about creating an opinion article on this very very important movement which is spreading across the country. Today, Occupy Wall Street in New York came out with an enumeration of its grievances against Wall Street and its multi billion dollar Citizen United ties to our government and its rape of our country which is effecting the great middle class of our entire electorate and most importantly the 99% of us who have gotten whacked by the onslaught of the 1%.

Make no mistake this is an IMPORTANT movement, it is national in scope and even has international implications. Obviously with what is happening in the Arab Spring and in Europe the US too has its own flavorful revolutionary spirit. Keith Olbermann tonight read from the list of grievances developed by Occupy Wall Street which sounded more like the list of grievances the colonists brought against Charles III of England in 1776 presenting a justification for our revolution and its Declaration of Independence.

This is real, it is strong, it is being joined by many more as the days progress and I HOPE it will last in view of the oncoming winter. I also hope it stays non violent although there have been some attempts to at night occupy Wall Street which has meant a few have faced arrest, clubbing and pepper spray by the NYPD. There is no doubt that there are some in the crowd who are furious enough to even want to throw a brick or two into the CEO's offices of those on Wall Street who have done such EGREGIOUS things to us. I am a totally non violent person and believe in passive resistance and civil disobedience like Martin Luther King and Gandhi did but I will admit to a sympathy with those young who are SO angry, whose lives, whose homes, whose livelihoods and whose youth have been stolen by the worst most disgusting alliance between government and Wall Street titans pay for play tyranny which I submit is and will be WORSE than the Great Depression of 1929. It has taken down our country. These frauds that have been perpetrated on the people by a Wall Street run wild MUST stop and there are many grievance to address. We must start somewhere.

Tomorrow I will illuminate more.

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