Sunday, October 02, 2011

Elizabeth Warren's Appeal: Ms. Venocchi is quite correct in her Sunday Boston Globe October 2, 2011 opinion "The preseason hype on Elizabeth Warren." (Link below) In the final analysis it is not the predictions before the election that count but the votes counted after it has happened where the proof of the pudding lies.

Elizabeth Warren is a liberal's candidate extraordinaire. I have been smitten since she was interviewed by Bill Moyers on PBS. I can safely say this liberal is wholly and hopelessly in love with Elizabeth Warren not because I like her glasses, her jacket or her Scott Brown look-alike truck if she had one. I adore her because she is articulate, inspiring and phenomenally BRILLIANT. I am in love with that woman's brain which after all is the most important part of a candidate or certainly should be.

If I were a betting person (which I am not) I would put my money on Elizabeth Warren. No matter where she goes she never disappoints me. She could ride a scooter or a truck to a campaign stop her knowledge would be the determining factor which will get my vote. My vote certainly would NOT be influenced by a nude picture in a sleazy magazine either. No matter how many six pack racks Scott Brown has from his continual workouts he NEVER could come close to Elizabeth Warren's cerebral embellishments.

I am glad she never posed for Playboy but I surely would love to see an MRI of her brain and wonder how I can make mine look the same!

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